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  What if you had a psychic gift that allowed you to know a person's whole lifespan and eventual death with just a simple touch?

  What if the psychic gift is the key to your true identity and destiny?

                                                                 The Allotter
                                                       The Threads of Destiny
                                                                  Book One

  Evie Smith is a young and successful nurse but despite her success, she has always felt as if she were waiting for something to happen in her life. The insomnia and bizarre dreams that have plagued her throughout her young life have finally gotten the better of her and intruded in on her ability to keep her sanity together. To add insult to injury, the unexplainable and once buried gift of knowing the length of the lives and the eventual deaths of everyone around her has become more intense than ever.

  During a snowy night, on a deserted stretch of road, Evie will come face to face with men who may have the answers she has been waiting for. At least, she thinks they have answers. Some answers may not be what she wants to hear.

  As revelations and truths are revealed, Evie must battle gods and immortals with powers beyond her reckoning, but the true battle lies within her. No one is whom they say they are, and she is no exception.

  Is her wait over? Will she discover her identity and her destiny or has destiny already found her


                                                                                    The Spinner
                                                                          The Threads of Destiny
                                                                                     Book Two
  She holds a desperate and fragile gift...

  At the tender age of six, Seraphina "Sera" Smith discovered that just by touch she could see a person's life from the time they were in the womb through to their future children. The traumatic discovery at such a young age and recurring headaches ever since set her life on a course of careful avoidance of others.
  A gifted weaver of intricate designs by trade, the occupation felt more like destiny than a mere job. After an odd string of bad luck she finds herself in the presence of a man she fears and wants at the same time.

A dangerous and mysterious man-who's more than human...

Deimos was just following orders when he began to shadow Sera. He'd met her before, in another form and another time, a time he can never forget but should. He was to snatch her and deliver her to someone who would take the power she unwittingly held. The plan was simple until the seemingly fragile woman managed to get under his skin and into his heart.

Sera quickly learns there's more to her life than she'd ever imagined and that Deimos may be more than just her captor, he may be her destiny...


A task more than even a God can handle…

Zelus, the Greek God of zeal and envy and one of Zeus’s winged enforcers was given the responsibility of protecting Raenor Smith, the human form of Atropos, and the most dangerous of the Fates. All he had to do was watch over her, a simple task he can’t help but think is a punishment since she is catatonic and Zeus has conveniently disappeared. It’s a waste of his time when he could be doing more important things. At least that’s what he thinks until she wakes up and everything is turned upside down.
She is unstable, unpredictable, and an enigma…

Raenor Smith awakens to find a stranger in her room who claims he is a doctor. Massive and imposing with an air of danger, Rae doubts he’s who he says he is but then again, can she blame him? It isn’t like she’s being very forthright about herself. Self-preservation and timing is everything and patience is definitely a virtue. Rae and Zelus never anticipated such a potent and mutual desire, one that throws them both off kilter and complicates an already precarious position. She can’t let passion dampen her goals even if it means losing him.

As Rae reunites with her sisters, the Fates, she is faced with accepting the truth about herself. Can they trust the bond they share? More importantly, can Rae be trusted?

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