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"Mystery-filled adventure - a fun read"-Pelican Freak

  "Although Ms. Faye is a new author, I was impressed with her writing style as well as her description. Many new authors write in a first person or a present tense, but Ms. Faye used third person/past tense which in my opinion makes for a much easier read. Her ability to describe the settings well and her characterizations contributes to allowing the reader to connect with the characters and get wrapped in the story. This is an excellent start in this new series."- Rhoda D'Ettore, Fiction Author

 ***See what readers love about the series!***


   "Intriguing take on the Greek gods"


                         "Interesting and different"


                                                      "Five Stars"


  Hello and welcome to my page! I happen to be a brand-spanking new indie author (No, I don’t really need to be spanked right now, maybe later). I have always wanted to write and finally did it with the help of some wonderful and talented authors and friends.


  Join me in my exciting world where The Fates have lost their senses and the Greek Gods are more human than they like to admit!


  Browse around, take your time, and take it all in.


  I hope you enjoy!



 What if fate is your destiny?

  The Allotter: The Threads of Destiny

                              Book One


     The Spinner: The Threads of Destiny

                              Book Two




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